Thanks for dropping in!

Welcome to my home on the internet.  I have other places where I do things, like The Women In Business Radio Show website, Stormchasers Digital and of course my social media profiles – but this is where I live – so hello and nice to see meet you.

It’s so tricky talking about what you do, but it certainly hones the thoughts – makes you think about who you are.  Until recently, this little bio would have said ‘Online Marketing Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer.’ But that’s not who I am now, and it wasn’t really who I ever was – it was what everyone else was and the closest I could come to describing what I do.

It took me a long time to realise that I’m an interviewer, I love drawing the stardust out of others and helping them to work out where they shine and what they’ve achieved.

For some reason so many of us don’t like to shout about what we’ve achieved, often we don’t recognise it and instead focus on what we can’t do and struggle to improve at that, instead of just operating within our gift.

I’m also a champion for being regular, not ‘awesome.’  Most of the business women and men I meet haven’t built a garage before breakfast and didn’t have 16 kids while setting up their third multi-million-pound business.  However, most of them are making a significant difference to their family income and contributing to the economy of the community. They matter. And they need resources and support in easy to digest bite-sized financial and practical chunks.  It’s about taking those large company ideas, techniques, and performance indicators and making them usable whether your business is a multi-national or you’re pimping flip flops by sticking flowers on them at the kitchen table after the kids have gone to bed.  Whatever league you are currently playing in, if you sell stuff then you’re in business and don’t listen to all those business guru’s who will try to tell you you’re not.

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