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Ideas for Women In Business

Why Am I So Tired?

Why Do I Feel So Tired?

By Sian | Aug 9, 2019

How many answers are there to the question ”Why Do I Feel So Tired?” Millions!  And for every single answer, there are millions of possible solutions.  Which rather suggests it’s not a problem that’s going to be solved quickly, well not if you start churning through them all. The problem is often that we like…

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When It's All Gone Wrong

What To Do When It’s All Gone Wrong

By Sian | Jul 9, 2019

OMG, it’s all gone wrong! Imagine some possible scenarios you may find yourself in as a woman in business: You do a talk that doesn’t get the rip-roaring response you were hoping for – instead of the anticipated round of applause as you wind up with your grand finale, there’s a ripple of murmuring and…

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I cant stick to a morning routine

I Can’t Stick To A Morning Routine

By Sian | Jun 9, 2019

If you search for ‘morning routine‘ in Google there are 262 million results. Does this mean that millions of people are struggling to create or stick with a morning routine, and if so why? I suspect it’s to do with productivity and getting more and more done. I want to get to the end of…

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