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The Women In Business Big Show 2022

The Women In Business Big Show 2022


The Women in Business Big Show is on 25th August 2022 and once again we are at Longfield Academy in Kent. We are finalising our fabulous line-up of speakers and workshops. Whether you’re planning on being an exhibitor or visitor, we can’t wait to welcome you to another fun, productive and inspirational event. If you…

Phishing for events organisers

Well, Looks Like We Made It Big!


One Of The Problems Of Getting Your Events Noticed! Plus advice for event organisers How annoying is this? The Women In Business Big Show 2021 is getting noticed.  Sounds great and, of course, it is, but stuff comes at a bit of a price. When you run an event that looks like lots of exhibitors…

The Women In Business Big Show

New Date For The Women In Business Big Show 2021


Quick heads up that the Women In Business Big Show for 2021 is on 5th November, Longfield Academy, Kent. This is a date change from 15th October and it looks like it’s going to be the final one! It’s unavoidable and what has really amazed me is how understanding everyone has been.  Our speakers just…

Psychic Health And Beauty Fairs – Reopening July 18th 2021


Hey – it does look as though there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  Who would have thought that when we had to cancel our event on 23rd March 2020, that it would be over a year before we were back.  I had plans to be back the month after – who…

The Women In Business Big Show Global Online June 4th 2021


Well, we did it!  We took The Women In Business Big Show online for the first time on February 19th 2021. It was chaos behind the scenes, but we all arrived at the end in one piece and are looking forward to the next online expo on June 4th. Whilst we’ve introduced the online events…

Women Fabulous After 50 – Date Confirmed September 11th


Stay tuned for details on this event – but first what’s it all about. Well, I’m over 50 and sometimes I feel fabulous and sometimes I just don’t. But what I do know is this is a time for possibilities. It also comes with challenges – some of them aren’t so funny but perhaps we…

MIYB Online Networking

Make It Your Business First Online National Networking


Events News Women In Business Events Updates National organisation Make It Your Business is holding it’s very first online networking event for all of its members on July 7th 2020. The event is free for all members and these UK wide events are expected to carry on beyond the lockdown. To book your place –…