Look What I Found – 70 Sites For Press Releases!

womanwithmegaphoneJust found a great resource on Listly which is a list of 70 websites you can use to help you with press releases.

Firstly why and when would you want to do a press release?  The obvious would be because you’ve done or achieved something totally wonderful – but there are loads of other occasions when you can get your stuff out there by using a press release.

You may be considering PR when you are launching a new product, event or service.  The thing is though that whilst that may be thrilling for you, it’s not necessarily remarkable reading for everyone else, which means that journalists and publishers may not be too keen to publish it.  Remember that publishers often generate income through advertising and if all you’re really doing is wacking out a glorified advert to tell people about stuff you sell, then they will be expecting some money.

A middle of the road scenario is when you create an editorial, or an advertorial.  This is where you have an article published, which has a bit of interest around it to encourage people to read it, but ultimately it’s linking through to sell a product or a service.  Sometimes if you’re canny you may be able to get an editorial published for free, but for an advertorial they will be expecting cash!

No, a press release must be all about someone else if you want to get it published for free. So, is there anything you can hook your story onto.  Have a look and see what’s trending on Twitter; are there any public holidays or celebration days coming up; what is big in the news right now that you can link your story to?

Always remember that if you want a publication to print your stuff for free then it must tick their boxes, and it must have that WIIFM – the ‘What’s in it for me’ if you’re going to get others to circulate and publish your information.

Here is the link to those 70 sites – just to get you going of course.



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