Personal Branding Isn’t Just For NIKE

Just because you’re a one man band, or a solopreneur (which seems to be the cool term right now) doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect your personal branding.

Sure you can neglect it for a while, but leave it for too long, and you’re going to be throwing good business down the pan. And the key words here are ‘good business’.
How would you like to work with who you want?. The platinum paying clients, who actually, well, pay, and where there’s fun and mutual respect.

Choice is what personal branding brings for you. But where does your personal branding start today? How about on Google!

Really, no matter who you are, if you offer a service, just loads of your potential clients are going to go online to find out who you are, before they decide to do business with you. They will type your name into Google and see what pops up!

Why don’t you try that for yourself? Did you like what you saw? Did you see anything at all?

And it’s not about your logo. They won’t be looking at the colour or size of your logo. They’ll be learning about what you get up to on Facebook and be reviewing your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles. EEK!

For this reason alone you should aim for consistency throughout the four megathons of social media – that’s the three above and Google Profiles.

Social media is a strange beastie – I’ve sort of lumped the whole lot together as I couldn’t find a collective noun. I’m going to vote for a Chatter. For many of us, joining them is a bit like growing up as a teenager when everything’s changing at rocket fuel speed. When I went back to my LinkedIn profile – which I set up yonks ago and forgot about, the dodgy sounding email address associated with it was an old


account which I used at college, and which was spending its retirement spamming everyone on my contact list. Not the professional profile I was aiming for.

So often in our first taste of ‘working life’ we get introduced to the CV, but personal branding is more than a list of qualifications, skills, experience and contact details. Branding is how you demonstrate the value you deliver. It’s your integrity out on the washing line for the neighbours to nose at. And no one wants to see your old grey undies with the dangly elastic. Best thong forwards.

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