The Women In Business Radio Show

The show broadcasts weekly from the Channel Radio Studio in Ashford, Kent, UK.

Most weeks we are joined by guests, and occassionally I just have a chat over some business thoughts with co-host Adelle.

Our mission is to…

  • To share the information women in business need to thrive
  • Provide a free, friendly and fun platform where women can get media experience and talk about their business based on their knowledge, experience and passion and not what they have already achieved, where they’ve been published, how much they’ve made or can afford to pay.
  • Connect women in business across the globe so they can share knowledge and support each other from within their respective economies, lifestyles and experiences.

In fact, we have two separate shows.  Show 1 is all about strategy, planning and growth.  Show 2 focuses on keeping fit for business by helping us to look good and feel great.