Well, we did it!  We took The Women In Business Big Show online for the first time on February 19th 2021.

It was chaos behind the scenes, but we all arrived at the end in one piece and are looking forward to the next online expo on June 4th.

Whilst we’ve introduced the online events because we couldn’t run the in-person events (thanks to Covid of course) they aren’t going to just end.

Next year we plan on running the online events alongside those at venues.

What we realised is how they bring a new dimension for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors – the international connections.

Thanks to Covid, and alongside the travel restrictions, the world has got smaller and it’s time to build on new possibilities and connections.

Global business is here to stay and we can have it all!  We believe local and global is the winning combination and hope you’ll come on it with us.

So, please embrace the new software, the new possibilities and join in on April 9th.