Stay tuned for details on this event – but first what’s it all about.

Well, I’m over 50 and sometimes I feel fabulous and sometimes I just don’t. But what I do know is this is a time for possibilities. It also comes with challenges – some of them aren’t so funny but perhaps we need to laugh at them.

Our hormones can start playing havoc with us, wrinkles start appearing and joints start creaking – well mine did.

On the positive side, I now realise that no-one is really looking at me and I can do a lot more than I could when I was younger.

So, starting a business, starting new hobbies, doing the things you always wanted to and of course, overcoming some of the tricky issues.

That’s what it’s all about.  If you want to exhibit, you don’t have to be a woman or over 50, but you do have to have experience helping people who are.

The first event is set for June, and if we can’t hold it safely then we will take it online and run the in-person event in Autum 2021.

There will be a small charge to attend as an exhibitor and it’s going to be a festival of fabulousness after 50!