Sian Murphy

Radio Show Host, Events Organiser and WordPress Connoisseur

What I do...

I created and continue to host The Women In Business Radio Show which broadcasts from the Channel Radio Ashford Studio.  It's a live weekly show with co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell and a lively selection of guests.

I created the Psychic Health and Beauty Fairs by accident, and when I rebranded a struggling craft fair, I was persuaded to take over managing when it was running in the hall opposite my house.  The fairs have now grown, and we are now running them at Secondary Academies in the South East of England with more venues coming in soon.

The Women In Business Big Show is my latest venture and has recently been established as a Community Interest Company.

My passion in life is sharing the freedom that running your own business can create.


Women In Business Events

The first Women In Business Big Show was on 1st August 2019 with Google UK partnering and the UK Minister for Small Business attending to meet all of our more than 100 exhibitors and speakers.

The fair is now a Community Interest Company, an annual and online international event.  I would love to take it across the world - Vegas in 2023.